Movement Matters

December 28, 2019: Mitochondria. That’s where I’ve decided to start. It says a lot about me. I love science. Always have. I love learning about exercise, nutrition, longevity, and disease prevention or delay. The first half of my life I devoured books. Anything I could get my hands on, but mostly fiction. But for the last 10 years I’ve somehow gravitated toward all things health. And movement. I’ve spent hours reading everything from NYT articles on health and wellness to deeply scientific medical journal articles, studied for hours, watched videos and went to seminars for my ACE personal trainer and EXOS Performance Specialist certifications and more recently devoured hours of podcasts and blogs by some of the most respected doctors, coaches, and longevity experts in their fields.

In fact, I just finished listening to a podcast about mitochondria and why for longevity and healthy aging we need to take care of ours. Healthy mitochondria helps us burn fat, better our current mental state and possibly ward off diseases associated with aging (think cancer, Alzheimers, heart disease, etc.). How do we do that? Move. Every time you move, you must contract your muscles, a process done by mitochondria…. and as part of that process they burn fat and release happy endorphins, and both in turn done day-after-day and year-after-year are what keep you healthy longer. Because let’s be honest. You won’t be doing CrossFit at 90, but you might want to be playing with your grandkids and walking the hills with the dog. Living independently. Enjoying time with family and friends. And unfortunately, you can’t wait until you are 90 to start this process. This is every day. Consistency is key. Overexercising is not only not necessary, it’s not recommended. There’s SO much more to this than I can put here… but that’s why I started a blog. I have so much to share and maybe nobody will listen, but I’m going to try. Because I care. I care about movement and how it impacts the brain, the body and the heart. Movement matters, and I want to share that with others.

Want more detail about mitochondria? (And I mean A LOT!) Check out for his Monday, December 23rd, 2019 podcast on Mitochondria. I could listen to him for hours. I have actually!

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