Learn, Do, Teach

I have a theory I live by. Surely not original, but its one I’ve adopted over the years. For everything I want to get better at, I try to do one thing to learn, one action to practice and one effort to teach or reiterate what I’ve learned to help solidify it in my brain or body. During this downtime, I’m working at expanding my FRC practice into Kinstretch by learning and doing first. I was introduced to FRC or Functional Range Conditioning last fall when I started learning from some Physical Therapists about how to fill the gap between acute injury requiring a PT and rebuilding and maintenance that can be taught by an educated Personal Trainer. FRC is does just that by expanding your range of motion at the same time as building the strength to support that new range.

How does that apply to real life? Our bodies are strongest in our mid-range. So think about when you are lifting a heavy box. You wouldn’t lift it with your arms straight, nor would you lift it with your biceps completely flexed to your shoulder… you are going to lift from mid-range with your elbow at 90 degrees because our muscles can do the most work, safely from mid range. So we like to train at these mid-ranges because they are comfortable and they feel good.

Now… you are out playing tennis and a fast volley comes at you at an odd angle, it happens in an awkward position and suddenly you have a bicep tendon strain. This is real life, not a controlled gym. And real life doesn’t wait for you to put your arms, or your knees or your hips in just that perfect 90 degree angle whether it be to punch a fast volley coming at your belly button or lunge for a ball sailing wide and away. So you need to train for the unexpected!

FRC is just that kind of training. Injury prevention and rehabilitation through increased mobility and functional range. This is what I offer my personal training clients, but I would like to offer this to groups because as most of us know, exercise is more fun with friends and community. Enter Kinstretch, FRC’s group fitness cousin.

I am scheduled to go to California the first week of May to get my Kinstrech certification done but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen now. So instead I’m working hard to learn even more. Full circle back to take one, do one, teach one. Right now I’m taking and doing oodles of Kinstretch and FRC classes from far more experienced teachers that have been practicing and teaching for years, and also reading, practicing and learning everything I can. That’s my “take” and “do.” You can start to learn some snippets of my teachings through my YouTube videos here through my website. I’d love your feedback and if you are interested in participating in my practice classes before I get certified please drop me a note. Thanks!

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